Monday, July 30, 2007

Hamza robertson: Your beauty

My newestest obsession--Hamza Robertson's 'Your Beauty'. One of the songs of Hamza's first album 'Something about life'. This is the only thing I wanted Ma to bring from England. Beautiful composition. Unlike Sami Yusuf or Nazeel Azami, Hamza's most songs have high western influence. The song I uploaded was composed by Sami Yusuf which explains the heavy eastern influence. He does not have any tinge of accent like Sami or Nazeel so I reckon even with the same composition his songs turn out very different from sami or nazeel.


Anonymous said...

Go hamza robertson. I like him waaaaaaaaaaay better than either Sami or Nazeel. Just because I actually don't like their "Arabic" accent in their English, and given that Sami kinda grew up in the UK, I don't know why he has to have(fake?) that accent.

But Hamza Robertson is as western as you can get... or maybe I like all things west, lol.
But have you checked out the songs by Kareem salama? He is this Muslim Country singer, and mostly amazing. Currently obsessing over this:
I even attended his concert, a small one at one of the colleges here.

How you be sweetie?


TanCurve said...

hey sabrina apu,
yeah i heard karim salam too, loved his songs! sami/nazeel, their attatchment with eastern culture is too tightly woven, which might be good if they can exert the influence in their own motherland. but karim salama and hamza robertson and yusuf islam is good for the western audience. love how its rolling!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey, how how is everybody?