Friday, July 13, 2007

Time to say Alhamdulillah

Last night I was in bhaiun's room when he found out our semester final results were sitting in our email inbox. My heart started thumping so hard that I thought that was going to jump out somehow any minute. I acted calm and quietly walked out of the room only to sit in front of my computer, frantically urging Allah to save me with His special mercy and power this time only, one last time! (Why does it seem so familiar?)

I was saved Alhamdulillah. I was scared to death about Physiology, Alhamdulillah, my fear did not come true.

To add onto the air of blessing, Baba finally got his full license. Now I can drive with him and hopefully learn how to drive before November (when my L expires) to escape the horror of doing 120 hours of driving.

Today my student was talking about some Blue P plate, she was very surprised that I haven't heard of that. She asked God to bless my ignorant soul, only then did she realise it was Green P's she was talking about. I was greatly relieved, as for a minute I thought Govt introduced another coloured P plate in addition to the existing ones to make my pain last forever.

Dear God, grant me a red P, please.


Anonymous said...

'tis amazing how time seems to be available for blogging during exams, but not after them...

Anyway, can't be too concerned about the perils of 120hrs for you, since I'm on the same boat.
"Dear God, grant me a red P, please."
Ameen to that!

PS- still going to the exhibition a second time??


TanCurve said...

ameen to that. yes i want to go. this time i would like to take baba, i will see when he can manage time. good luck for ur red P, 20 more hours for me, i still take everyone in a joy ride whenever i am changing lanes :(