Thursday, January 31, 2008

drove, by myself too.

I should have written this blog last monday to mark the day. But, due to mostly my engagements and partly my laziness, that did not happen. So, now I write--I drove to Auburn all by myself!!!

It was my first time driving alone such a long distance (40 minutes one way)! Usually I have at least one other family member in the car.

On monday, I had to go to tutoring at alpha. Originally I planned on going by train, as I always do. But monday being a public holiday, the train timetable was horrible. On top of that, I found out that morning, cityrail decided to have trackwork the whole day. Which meant, it would take me more than 2 hours just to get there, then I had to come back as well. Getting back at home before nine at night was impossible. I was lamenting (aloud) about the waste of time and energy sitting in front of mother deary when the strangest thing came out of her... her mother-self thought I should take the car, while the prudent side of her's wondered how to manage other things if I took the car considering there is just one car in the house.

Of course the mother-self won and I was told to take the car!

I was stunned! That easy? I remember my brother, he never had it so easy!

Not to mention, my brother was v v jealous. Poor guy, he did all the fighting for me (evil smile).

So I drove away to Auburn, as Nazeel sang softly. What freedom!

Now the first reference has been made and established, I hope to take the car out more often to far away places. Just hoping... :)

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