Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Something to distract myself...

A message this afternoon probably changed my life...
I don't know yet. I am feeling very restless, very uncertain, very apprehensive and very very scared. Emu Martian called to talk but I was very cold. I do not know what lies ahead of me. I hate regretting the decisions I take. I long for the 'contentment' that the true believers feel...
I only ask of God... please do take care of my poor soul! Inspire me with the right decision. Make me happy and content with whatever decision I end up taking...

Anyway, just to distract myself I decided to fill in the last list I discovered from Emu Martian's blog.

Last Cigarette: 2 years ago, that was my 2nd and last smoke. vowed to never revisit that faculty after experiencing a terrible coughing fit.
Last Alcoholic Drink: don't drink
Last Car Ride: yesterday, took my sis shopping.
Last Kiss: can't remember. must be ma/lamz, these are the only ppl who get away with kissing my forehead!
Last Good Cry: feel like one now ;)
Last Library Book: old man and the sea
Last book bought: the encyclopaedia of arts ;)
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: shrek 3 (i haven't been to the movies in a while!)
Last Movie Rented: i don't rent very often so can't remember.
Last beverage Drank: i have been living on water. Last Food Consumed: dinner... rice with yuum bhorta and my mother's special been curry.
Last Crush: :P
Last Phone Call: emu Martian!
Last TV Show Watched: 7th heaven. (i can't believe its finished!)
Last Time Showered: few hours ago
Last Shoes Worn: i despise shoes. that would be during the semesters when i was forced to cover my toes for biochem lab.
Last CD Played: The life of Muhammad by Anwar Al-Awlaki
Last Item Bought: a diary for 2008 (feel like going back to the adolescent days of diary all over again)
Last Download: mm...
Last Annoyance: lamzity for her untidy bed.
Last Disappointment: still not receiving the surprise i had been waiting for...
Last Soda Drank: traffic stopper!
Last Thing Written: a very annoyed bangla blog post.
Last Words Spoken: 'give me the computer'
Last Sleep: 14 hours ago! omg i need to sleep! staying awake for 14 hours straight during holiday is formidable...
Last Ice Cream Eaten: this afternoon. i had to finish off some caramel flavoured left overs since that was occupying precious refrigerate space :|
Last Chair Sat In: this computer chair.
Last Webpage Visited: www.somewhereinblog.net

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