Saturday, January 12, 2008

an uncurable disease

The thought of making anyone unhappy constricts my heart. I become anxious and agitated, spending hours to remove the smallest fraction of the cause of unhappiness.
Yet I know, I can never make everyone happy. Sometimes, one is better off keeping some unhappy.
But, no matter how hard I try, I can never be prudent enough to follow the letter and balance my acts. I always end up trying to keep everyone happy, sometimes at the cost of those whose happiness matters to me the most, who are closest to my heart.
I wish I could do something about it!


em said...

cheere up my dear. all u need to do is lie to both parties.
... as u can see, i'm not that good in the "giving advice" department.

Emu said...

do u have hamza robertson's "something about life"?

TanCurve said...

em, clearly u r not :)

emu, yes i do. i have the whole album. need that?

em said...

yes please