Saturday, March 08, 2008

botanical garden

The last last time I went to botanical garden, I was sketching a tree that I never got to finish sketching. I went there because I was feeling very weary and tired, of uni and other decision making complications... then I went to sit on a seat under the tree. The seat was very old and shockingly hard, my bones started to ache after a while. So I decided to lie down under a tree, on the soft grass and read a book. When I read books and enjoy doing so, I am completely unaware of the world around me. But shortly afterwards, due to a strange sensation of being 'watched', I had to look up from my book. What I saw gave me a fright of a life time. At least twenty ducks (or some bird of that sort) were closing in around me, from all different directions. They were staring at me! That sideways stare, they cannot stare using both of their eyes at the same time, so they stare with with one eye, then they turn their heads to stare through other eye. They kept doing that while closing in around me! My mind swiftly brought back images from 'megh boleche jabo jabo'. The main character of the book was bitten by ducks, consequently he was scarred for the rest of his life. I was preparing to get scarred when the ducks suddenly lost interest in me. They started pecking the grass and with every peck they seemed to find some food. Soon they left, just like they came, all at once. When I thought I could finally resume reading, I felt a crawling sensation on my right arm, I looked and frantically threw my arm. There was a small crawling caterpillar. I discovered the next caterpillar on my book, and before discovering any more from surprising locations, I left that place.

I walked around for a while before finding a nice seat under a nice, big, shadowy tree. The seat was facing the harbour, so I could feel the wet, salty wind of the sea. As soon as I sat there, a tree caught my eyes. It was a normal tree but I saw many colours in it, simply because I was drawing a lot back then. I saw the colours, some due to the light and shade, some for the surface of the tree, some for being exposed to rain and weathering... I started drawing. The first one hour was impressive, but I did not get to finish sketching. A health enthusiastic appeared from nowhere, hung his stuff on the tree I've so carefully chosen and started kickboxing with sound affects. The serenity of the place was gone. Shattered into pieces. I had to abandon drawing.

I thought I would go there again to finish my precious art work, but I ended up going there again only yesterday, after a loooong time, that too... looking for... ahem... the 'ladies' for a friend of mine. We found that before any accident happened. Once free of all pains, we walked around for a fair bit of time, appreciating the nature around us. We even took pictures of our feet submerged on the green, soft grass of autumn. The seat in the picture got our attention. Before long we were seated on the chair as emu was taking a photo of the rest of the gang. We were inwardly wishing for a kind photographically helping hand when a kind old lady appeared with a huge camera in her hand and asked if we wanted her to assist in photo taking business. We happily agreed. Next thing she asks--if we mind her taking our photo with her camera!
We did not object. A bunch of giggling hijabi girls in sydney royal botanical garden must have been too much of an interesting specimen.

Oh, the spider was there too.

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e said...

that bench looks as good an object as any for a sketch. you should draw that.