Friday, August 08, 2008

oh sunny, sunny days! (1)

Let me begin the tale of Tioman with this photo. Tioman, being a tropical island had heaps of coconut trees. Those in the resort had this warning sign nailed on them. Sometime in the past a western head must have been cracked open by a hardy ripe coconut. Locals learnt their lessons, now you see the proof. Everyone with a camera took a photo of this.

Its raining outside today, the cold, pointy, hurting rain of Sydney, and I am terribly missing my days in Tioman. What fun days! So peaceful yet lively, so close to nature! Of course we had to work as well, but the field works were fun too, and the amount of free time we had was pretty good.

I would take a walk every morning by myself and meet such wonders... small and big. I have seen crab in the sand before, but never before have I seen butterflies sniffing the sand.

The sea would look so different for a slight shift of the sun, for the shade of a little piece of cloud or just a few floating ship, that my index finger was always on the shutter.

A few snapshots of the beautiful sunset...

Which soul wouldn't be in awe of her Creator when faced with such beauty?

(This post is getting too long. Since I have little to say and a lot to show, I will break down this post to a few episodes).

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