Friday, August 08, 2008

oh sunny, sunny days! (2)

We were there for 7 days. Some days I would deliberately leave my camera in my room just to stop myself from taking photos. I wanted to feel every moment, but I also wanted to save all of it in my gray cells so that I could savour them later. Now that I set a new record by losing 2 wallets in 3 months, you know why I cannot put my full trust on my gray cells. I ended up taking over 500 photos.

We were kept in one of these huts. My room was on the middle one in the picture.

Must mention, this resort being in Malaysia was such a blessing for me... Halal food ready on table--what luxury! I didn't have to scrutinize the ingredients even when I had the yummiest ice-cream! A glimpse of the menu for my beloved readers. Read them at your own risk! he he.

And the very stylish dining table for buffet meals three times a day! (I couldn't take the picture when the table was full... the temptation was too great.)

Oh, did I mention, it was all free for me (us) in the island? :P

I should stop teasing and say Alhamdulillah. Bad Tancurve!

But let me complete the set with a few shots of the sea-side-dining-area ;).

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