Friday, August 08, 2008

oh sunny, sunny days! (3)

I finally managed to get myself started on writing about Tioman, I am not getting off before I finish! I don't care even if you are begging me to stop! What got me started today, 3 weeks after my return, is my earphone. I brought them from home to listen to a few missed lectures but I could not hear anything more than whispers. Then I remembered, how I wrecked my precious ipod headphones in Tioman.

We were all free that afternoon. My friend S from England was very tired after her extensive snorkeling. But of course, it is no fun sleeping in your air-conditioned rooms in a bright, sunny afternoon like that. So she insisted we should have a nap in one of the seats near the sea. There were some in five minutes walk from the resort, I have never seen anyone occupying those, and so, good for a quiet nap!

The breeze was so beautiful when we got there! Leaves were falling off the tree and flying away with the wind! The gentle murmur of the sea was so soothing! I snapped away, but failed to capture anything of the tremendous beauty.

Anyway, after a while my German friend A joined us. She wanted to listen to what I listen, so I gave her a taste of Bengali songs, a few of them. She would listen to each of them and ask, 'what is this song about?' I got tired of saying the same things--God, love, country! I wish we had a bit more originality! When we were immersed in our discussion about songs, we saw a friend walking by and wanted to join them. I walked up to them and started talking when A pulled my shirt and pointed to the ground. My precious ipod headfones were dangling from the pouch, the earplugs were covered in sand! God knows how many times I trampled on them too!

There goes the story of my biggest loss in Tioman! Let me resume uploading more photos... do you like my favourite place? No matter how sunny the day was, the breeze of the sea made it a very cool place.

This is where I made friend out of a local Malaysian old lady. She gave me a 'kochuri pana' (I do not know the English name!) as a token of her love!

With my little Indonesian, I loved talking to the locals. They loved talking to me--the local villagers were Muslims so my head scarf made them feel close to me. I asked a young guy about his feelings on the the alcohol business... it was so painful for me to see how normally they served alcohol to their Western guests, sometimes taking a sip or two with them. His cliched response--my faith is in my heart! God will understand! I loved their simplicity, their friendliness, their love, I did not feel like a foreigner amongst them. It was painful to see my people forgetting themselves...

Anyway, there was a small island (about a square kilometer) near Tioman. I am not sure if it is fair to call that an island because during low tide, you could walk to that by only wetting your feet. The sand in the island was so smooth and soft! And the water near it so green!

I would start walking on the shore from the morning and the whole day the frills of my skirt or legs of my jeans would be soaked with sea water and sand! Surprisingly, the sticky feelings did not make me feel unclean :), I felt rather fresh and purified! Sea water and sand--you can attain spiritual purity with both, that's why I guess ;).


Emu said...

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did anyone other than me notice that someone added an "s" in the coconut tree sign? i thought it was funny

lamz said...

how come i didnt c the green photo b4?? itits sito chitantik!