Monday, May 25, 2009

graffiti in Bangladesh

bitter lessons of life 3
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I love reading Graffiti in Bangladesh. They lack colour, but they never fail to tell you of the sincere pain that prompted such production.

I found that on the wall of an old building on top of a hill in 'himchori'.

It says: "Expected love has been pain today".
Poor guy , poor Romeo!
Is that really a Romeo case or is the 'expected love' the source of all pain?
Did he get the girl and discover she isn't at all what he expected?
Or was it the girl who refused to become his love and fulfill his expectations?

I discovered myself making up stories of the person behind the graffito. I assumed it was written by a guy because more often then not, in Bangladeshi context, they are written by guys.

bitter lessons of life 3
Originally uploaded by shondhabati

This one says "Troy will destroy ur life".
I will leave the interpretation to the discretion of the reader. I found this one on a seat in a local bus.

bitter lessons of life 2
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This one says "Vondo" or "traitor/hypocrite/betrayer". I found it in the National Park in Gazipur.

craving love
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I found this one particularly funny. Some dude named 'Farhad' left his mobile number with a small inscription "lack of love".
I hope some soft heart listened to the pining of his lonely heart and made a good use of the number!

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I don't think I should call it graffiti, wall painting sounds more appropriate. I found it on the wall of the Art college. Loved the intricate work.


sabrina said...

"bhalobashar obhaab" jinishta dekhe kemon jeno laaglo. Age eshob dekhlei mejaj gorom lagto, birokto lagto. Mone hoto bokhate cheleder kaaj karbar. Tomar blog-e jinishta dekhe aajke ekta onno perspective mone hochchilo. Maybe the "unloved" one is really craving some attention, care and love. Maybe some sense of desperation made him write that.
Some of us will never relate and yet some will do. I guess, that is what happens when you get older: you make room for the "other"---- the other perspective, a different point of view.

jinishta dekhe mon kharap hoye gelo... janina keno.

sabrina said...

And yeah check this out. I am loving it:

TanCurve said...

Hey, I know what you mean. The person probably was truly craving love and forced into such desperation, but I really think a fair proportion of the blame for prompting such ridiculous behaviour goes to the over-exposure and over-rating of the love concept in the modern society.
And don't act so old :). You are having a mid-twenty crisis lol.

Jazakallah for the evening dua. Did you get my facebook email?

sabrina said...

oh yes, I got your number. i just finally got back to my crib. inshaAllah will call at a suitable time-- i hate this time difference though :-\

I have become deeply philosophical like never before. i have no clue if it's because of my age or i have come to realizations about MANY things about the world. or, it could just be that quarter life crisis they all talk about. lol

does Munira still use her old email addy? do you know? i lost her number too. we used to talk on the phone a lot. aaaaaaaaah bloggers.

Ostader Ostad said...

হেহ ..হেহ... হেহ...
এগুলোকে বলে বাঙ্গালীর গুহাচিত্র প্রদর্শনী। হাজার হলেও আদিম পুরুষ তো গুহা দেয়ালেই লিখতো!!
রাগ, ক্ষোভ, আদর, মহব্বত প্রকাশের জায়গা। স্কুল, কলেজের বাথরুমে কত্ত দেখেছি!!

স্কুলের আরেক বিল্ডিং এর বাথরুমে শুনেছিলাম লিখা ছিল~ 'ডানে তাকান'
ডানের দেয়ালে লেখা~ 'সামনে তাকান'
সামনের দেয়ালে লিখা~ 'পিছনে তাকান'
আর সবশেষে পিছনের দেয়ালে লিখা~ 'আরে মিয়া!! বাথরুমে আইসা ইধার উধার তাকাইবার লাগসস ক্যান??কাম সাইরা ভাইগা পড়!!'

সত্য কি-না ঘটনাটা আর যাচাই করা হয়নি। অনেকদিন পর মনে পড়লো ঘটনাটা!! :))

Bengali Muslimah said...

Haha, I know what you mean. I've spent quite some time in Bangladesh myself and those bengali graffiti never fail to amuse me.

if that farhad dude made the effort curve the whole number, i hope some one called. haha

ই said...

farhad-er msg ta gave a little nudge to the prankster in me. but never fear, i rocked it back to sleep. bu tiin all likelihood, the first one was probably just something the writer found to be "cool".

usyd health science campus toilets have love-related consultation sessions, complete with questions and advices. i should make time to go back and take photos someday. i hope they haven't gotten rid of it yet.

btw, "ডানে তাকান, সামনে তাকান" গল্পটা অসম্ভব হাস্যকর।

aR said...

বাংলাদেশের এগুলো যে গ্রাফিতি, তাই তো ভাবিনি। আপনার দৃষ্টিশক্তির প্রশংসা করছি।

Bangla Hacks

Anonymous said...

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